Savannah Party Cat

How Many Guests Can You Accomodate

The Party Cat holds up to 20 passengers.

How Long Does Each Cruise Last

Our party cruises require we offer 2 or 3 hour charters to enjoy the water and amazing views of Historic Savannah. We can customize your party boat charter to your liking.

What is Provided on Each Party Boat Cruise?

We provide ice, water and coolers. Let us know if you have any special requests when you book.

Where Do you Pick Up?

606 Wilmington Island Rd. Savannah, Ga. 31410


What is the PARTY Cat's Pricing?

Please View Our Rates HERE


Can We Bring Food and Drinks?

Yes, absolutely. You can bring any food or drinks that you want.

What should We Bring?

Bring towels and sunscreen, though we ask that you please refrain from spray sunscreens, as it gets onto everything when sprayed, and it generally causes a mess onboard.

The boat has coolers with ice that you may use to store limited amounts of food or refreshments. While you are allowed to bring your own coolers on board, please know that we do have cooler space available and additional coolers are probably not necessary and do take away from space on board.

How Do Cruises Work?

Our cruises are private charters that you can rent by the hour with a 2 hour minimum. You select the day, the time, and how long you want to enjoy the party boat cruise.